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Houston Trust Used for Homestead or Nonhomestead

Experienced Houston Trust and Homestead vs. Nonhomestead Attorneys

A homestead property is typically a person's primary residence, and it is protected from creditors under state law. A non-homestead property is any other property that is not considered a homestead property. When it comes to estate planning, it is important to understand the difference between homestead and non-homestead properties, as they may be treated differently under the law.

At our law firm, we have a team of experienced estate planning attorneys who can help you determine the best trust structure for your homestead and non-homestead properties. We understand that every individual and family has unique circumstances, and we work closely with you to develop a customized plan that addresses your specific concerns and objectives.

Benefits of a Homestead Trust

  • Protects Your Primary Residence: A homestead trust can protect your primary residence from creditors, bankruptcy proceedings, and other potential threats.

  • Maintains Your Eligibility for Homestead Exemptions: By transferring your primary residence to a homestead trust, you can maintain your eligibility for homestead exemptions and other tax benefits.


Benefits of a Non-Homestead Trust

  • Protects Non-Homestead Properties: A non-homestead trust can protect your non-homestead properties, such as investment properties, vacation homes, and rental properties, from creditors, bankruptcy proceedings, and other potential threats.

  • Minimizes Estate Taxes: A non-homestead trust can help minimize estate taxes and other costs associated with the transfer of assets after your death.

Contact Our Houston Estate Planning Attorneys

If you are interested in learning more about homestead and non-homestead trusts and how they can benefit you and your family, please contact our law firm to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys. We are here to help you plan for your future and ensure that your assets are protected and transferred to your beneficiaries in a manner that meets your unique needs and goals.

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