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Texas Business and Real Estate Attorney



South Texas College of Law Houston, Current student



Nicholas was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where he graduated with Honors in the spring of 2022. There, he received a Bachelor's of Arts in Government and a Minor in Rhetoric & Writing. He is currently a second year law student at South Texas College of Law- Houston where he hopes to earn his Juris Doctorate in 2025. Nicholas has experience clerking in a wide range of legal issues, including, but not limited to: Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Real Estate Litigation, Civil/Business Litigation, Construction Law, and various other forms of contract breaches and formations. Nicholas is competitive by nature and harnesses that energy to form the most viable arguments available to his clientele.



"Every client deserves rigorous representation. If my research and argumentation can contribute in any way to persuading the opposing party to comply with our demands, or convince the judge or jury to rule in our favor, I can rest easy knowing I did everything I can for my client."

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