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Houston Business Formation

Experienced Houston Business Formation Attorneys

Welcome to our Business Formation Services page. Starting a new business can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating the legal requirements. At our law firm, we understand the challenges that come with starting a new business and we're here to help you through the process.

Our team of business formation attorneys has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right business structure for your company, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation or non-profit. We will help you understand the pros and cons of each structure and assist you in determining which one is the best fit for your business.

Our business formation services include:

  • Creating a formal entity

    • Partnerships

    • LLC

    • Series LLC

    • Corporation

  • Operating Agreement/Bylaws

  • State Licensing & permit requirements

Contact Our Houston Business Formation Attorneys

We understand that every business is unique and we will work closely with you to create a customized solution that fits your specific needs. Our goal is to help you get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can focus on growing your business.

If you're thinking of starting a new business, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to help you navigate the legal requirements and ensure that your business is set up for success. Thank you for considering our law firm for your business formation needs.

During the business formation process, choosing the right type of business organization is key in building a successful enterprise. Texas Real Estate & Business Law Firm assists clients with business structuring whether it is for new businesses, modify existing business, merging and/or acquiring business, ensuring that the organizational scheme best suits your business needs and protects your business from both legal and financial liabilities.  The formation process includes assisting businesses in the preparation and implementation of certificates of formation, bylaws, operating agreements, and other documents necessary for compliance with business formalities.

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